Caleb Siemon's Low Bowls may have simple shapes but the intense colors are stunning. Hand-blown in Siemon's United Glassblowing studio, the lead-free crystal bowls start out as clear glass. Then, inspired by the rich hues and topography of Southern California, alternate layers of opaque and transparent colors are applied to create vibrant works of art.  

We turned to our readers to select their most wanted California designs for our year-end issue. With dozens of nominations and hundreds of votes, the winners owe their thanks to you. Gather Restaurant by Nicole Sillapere Glass Series No. 4 Lampby Brandon Morrison The Bleachers Rug by Vera Za'Arour

I'm moving into my first grownup apartment this week.

  This oceanfront house in The Sea Ranch is perfect for those long foggy weekends on the Northern California coast, and it's for sale at $2.6M.

What appears at first glance to be a photo of a sweet little island with palm trees is, in reality, a man-made island off the coast of Ventura. Constructed in the '50s for the purpose of well drilling and oil and gas production, Rincon Island has had its share of problems, including oil spills and unsafe conditions. Ian Baguskas' photo is one in a series called Sweet Water, which explores artificial landscapes and environments. And despite its subject matter, it's quite lovely and serene.

Some days call for sparkle, while others do not. Mill Valley interior architect Sherry Williamson’s On the Rocks light, a 16¼-inch wall sconce that’s part of the Kentfield Collection for Boyd Lighting, features 144 stainless steel stems glittering with Swarovski crystals.

Although she’s worked with plenty of spotlight-stealing pieces in her 20 years as an interior designer, Janie Kasarjian created her Juliana chaise to let the rest of the room shine, whether it’s the architectural details or a killer view.

So often sample sales build up your wheelin' and dealin' hopes by promising the moon. Then after hightailing it across town and doing battle with likeminded savings-hungry shoppers, you find it's actually a so-so selection with mediocre markdowns. Dang.

For her design of Sacramento’s new nightspot Heat Shabu Baru, up-and-coming San Francisco designer Lynn Trinh complemented the Japanese fondue menu with a palette of gray and black with jolts of symbolic red, a color that represents energy and strong emotion in Japanese culture.

San Francisco landscape designer Deanna Glory combined set design, fine art and interior design to create her recent sculpture, Sticks and Stones.


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